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HOD web bannerDirected by Elizabeth Bettendorf Bowman

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“Sharp acting, visual humor, the piercing wit of the playwright, and a genius with the sound cues twists into an enthralling and sweet headbanger. In the end, Her Own Devices is a quirky tale of being your own best friend and the hero of your own story.”        –Lonita Cook  READ THE ENTIRE REVIEW HERE

Madeleine, a young girl born with a mysterious and powerful autoimmune disorder, has spent her entire life in a lab as a test subject, but her doctors are still no closer to finding a cure. Meanwhile every night the King of Germs visits her in her dreams and tries to touch her with his contaminating hand. She enlists the help of her imaginary friend the Robot to fight him off and soon must make a choice whether to leave the only home she’s ever known. “Her Own Devices” is a world of robots and nightmares, lab coats and Samba dances that explores the power of imagination in a young girl who refuses to be defined by her disability.

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