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Partner ($1,000+)
Arts KC Regional Arts Council
Charlotte Street Foundation
Elizabeth Bettendorf Bowman

Francis Family Foundation
Gary Woods Agency Inc.
Laura Hambrecht
David Holmgren
Missouri Arts Council
Justin Mohn
Neighborhood Tourism and Development Fund
Xavier Robles
Nicole Rogers

Margaret Shelby
Eric Woods
Inas Younis

Patron ($500+)
Sarah Bronson
Katie Lee

Supporter ($150+)  

Mark Bettendorf
April Brewer
Joseph Dillman
Bod and Carol Hambrecht
Stephen Howard
Russell Langdon
Martin Marketing Corp.
Jessie Salsbury
Patrick Simpson
Derek Trautwein

Friend ($10+)*
Lindsay Adams
Tim Ahlenius
Whitney Barnardo
Jane Barnette
Karissa Bettendorf
Henry Bial
Laura Blumenberg
Jack Bohnenstiehl
Dan Born
Shelly Bowman
Abbey Briscoe
Kathleen and Ryan Britton
Blane Brown

Megan Bui
Meredith Burton
Tina Campbell
Emma Carter

Tehreem Chaudhry
Jenifer Cooper
Amber Cox
Erika Crane Ricketts
Ian Crawford
Shelly Crawford

Sadie DeSantis
Sarah Dickey
Beth Douglass Atwater
Jacob Downing

Shanna Dykes
David Ebke
Alan Edelman
Polly Edelstein
Anthony Edwards
Kevin Fewell
AJ Fontana
Joseph Fouriner
Kay Frances
Trey Gilliam
Hayley Gimblett
Michael Golliher
Kaitlin Gould
David Hanson
Kevin Hobbs
Kathy Hogan
Antonio Johnson
Michelle Tyrene Johnson

Rene Kammeier
Ami Kellogg
Shea Ketchum
Kevin King
Kayla Koester
Sarah LaBarr
Austin MacDonald
Briana Marxen-McCollum
Taylor McTague
Jessica Michael
Pat Miller
Alison Mizerski Hanks
Tracy and Forrest Mohn
Mario Moore
Gary Mosby
Kyle Mullins
Shawn Murphy

Narrow Arrow Consulting, LLC
Joshua Nall
Carla Noack
Emily O’dell
Katie Olsen
Nancy Opel
Josh Philoon
Tenley Pitonzo
Peter Rea

Nicholas Relic
Jordan Reynolds
Mike Rice
Jerry Rivera
Elissa Rondeau
Eric Rosen
Theo Ross
Jenny Schroeder
Cindy Siefers
Jess Simmons
Greg Smith
Troy Snelling
Andrew Spangler
Markus Swift

Jeff Talley
Larry Tesar
Brook Tippin
Heidi Van
Vicki Vodrey
Dustin Wall
Katie Wells
Derrick West
Gene Willis
Lacey Willis
Meagan Young