2018-19 Theatre Lab


MOVE: An Introduction to Suzuki-Viewpoints Acting

June 3, 7pm; CAPSULE

Come move with us! Kansas City Public Theatre will be offering a free workshop introducing (or refreshing) the performance training methods of Suzuki-Viewpoints to attendees. If you plan on participating in the workshop, please come dressed to move and feel free to come with a memorized monologue. This will be a fun and relaxed introduction to the method Kansas City Public Theatre uses to build their shows. This workshop is open to performers of all backgrounds. No previous experience required.

Watch KCPublic demonstrate Suzuki-Viewpoints at Charlotte Street Foundation!

Mark Twain banner edit

Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Adam and Eve
May 6, 7:30pm –CAPSULE (1664 Broadway Blvd, KCMO)

This adaption of famed Missouri author Mark Twain is a uniquely American theatre piece, funny, beautiful, and deeply moving. It is a light-hearted look at the world’s first love story through the eyes of Missouri’s great humorist, Mark Twain, whose Garden of Eden bursts with wit, laughter and the lyric poignance of the first love and the first loss.

Directed by Jake Gillespie
Production Design: Joshua Philoon
Starring: Katherine Patz and Josh McQuade



Directed by Emily Lange
Starring Kaitlin Gould

Monday, April 1; 7:30pm    –CAPSULE (1664 Broadway Blvd, KCMO)
Thursday, April 4; 7:30pm –Prospero’s Books (1800 W 39th St, KCMO)

The unnamed protagonist is confronted throughout her life with excessive discipline and punishment from her parents. Her only comfort comes in the shape of her imaginary friend, Benji, who becomes company of sorts at first, only to turn into something more troubling and sinister as her condition worsens.


Deceit banner

Directed by Andy Perkins

Monday, March 4; 7pm
Uptown Arts Bar

Derek Trautwein

Deceit by Derek Trautwein, is the story of accomplished novelist, Russ Landry still riding the success of his first best seller. After a tragedy, Russ’ creative flow is blocked until he met Clare. Through their soulful connection and love they find strength and encouragement in one another, all while Russ’ agent, Jan, and best friend, Hank, pressure him for the next big hit. But, before Russ can share a new story with the rest of the world, he must discover the difference between ultimate truth and the lies he tells himself to get through the day. Deceit is a story of love, honesty, and vulnerability that explores how much truth the soul is willing to sacrifice for glory.

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Justin Mohn

A snapshot of five peacekeepers on civilization’s deathbed, the play follows a group of conscripts in Midwestern America trying to hold themselves together in the face of famine, disease, and deprivation.


Prisca Jebet Kendagor

Tamera is a playwright. A successful one at that. An extremely disorganized, scatterbrained, successful playwright…who is mending a broken heart.. What’s the best way to mend a broken heart? Hire a struggling actor to prostitute himself to you that’s how. Hey, women have sexual needs too. With a performance dead line staring her down, an unfinished script, Kenzie her manager and producer keeping her on task, and an un-dealt with love life from which she gains inspiration from, Tamera must take the time to get real and honest if her come back play is going to be as big of a success as everyone believes it is.