2020-2021 Season General Auditions

Please prepare 2 contrasting monologues via video recording and email your video link to by August 31, 2020. Mainstage is Non-AEA. Theatre Lab is AEA and Non-AEA.

For consideration in “El Amor que Mueve el Sol y Las Demás Estrellas” radio play and production, please submit a monologue selection in Spanish.

KCPublic is committed reflecting the diverse body of voices within the Kansas City community. As such, we encourage people of all backgrounds to audition including people of color, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and veterans.

Please note that all rehearsals and performances through Dec. 2020 will be conducted digitally.

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“El Amor que Mueve el Sol y las Demás Estrellas” (Radio Play)
Written and Directed by Karen Lisondra
Radio Premiere: Oct. 29
Rehearsal and Recording Period: Sept. 10-20, 2020
Requirements: Ability to speak Spanish

Exiled in Mexico, two artists – Leonora Carrington and Remedios Varo, make their everyday lives as mythological as their work.

Cast List (4F, 3M):

  • Leonora Carrington: artist, author, ex-debutante, and horse whisperer, must return to the underbelly of trauma and madness in order to discover a deeper passion.
  • Remedios Varo: mystic painter and resistance fighter to Franco’s fascist Spain, searches the divine within her own artistic architecture in order to embrace her inevitable death.
  • Max Ernst Leonora’s mentor and lover / Harold Carrington Leonora’s father, textile magnate and chairman of Imperial Chemical Corp.
  • Renato Leduc – poet ambassador that has a marriage of convenience to Leonora / Dr. Morales (Musician 2):  Status-hungry physician at Santander, the mental institution  
  • Desconocido 1 (Stranger 1)/Enfermero: Male attendant at the Mental Institution.
  • Lee Meret: Celebrated female war photojournalist, friend to Leonora/Secretary at the British Embassy/Executioner
  • Enfermera: Leonora’s guardian in Lisbon; Desconocida 2, Gala Dali

Exiliados en México, dos artistas – Leonora Carrington y Remedios Varo, hacen su vida cotidiana tan mitológica como su trabajo.

Lista de Personajes

  • Leonora Carrington: artista, autora, ex-debutante y susurradora de caballos, debe volver al vientre del trauma y la locura para encontrar su musa verdadera.
  • Remedios Varo: pintora mística y luchadora de la resistencia contra la España fascista franquista, busca lo divino dentro de su propia arquitectura artística para abrazar su inevitable muerte.
  • Max Ernst: El mentor-amante de Leonora / Harold Carrington magnate textil, padre de Leonora.
  • Renato Leduc – embajador-poeta que tiene un matrimonio de conveniencia con Leonora / Dr. Morales: Médico hambriento de estatus en Santander, la institución mental  
  • Artista Surrealista (Masculino) Artista-intelectual del círculo de surealistas en Paris /Extraño/ Enfermero – de la institución Mental: 
  • Lee Meret: Célebre fotoperiodista de guerra femenina, amiga de Leonora/Secretaria en la Embajada Britanica /Verdugo
  • Enfermera  guardiana de Leonora en Lisboa/Desconocida 2/Gala Dali

Presented in rotating repertory:
“Oedipus the King”
Adapted and Directed by Nathan Bowman
“El Amor que Mueve el Sol y las Demás Estrellas”
Written and Directed by Karen Lisondra
Performances: March 11-21, 2021
Rehearsal Period: Feb 15-March 10

A pandemic devastates the city of Thebes. With the city in panic, its leader Oedipus is told that the only way to lift his city from crisis is to investigate the murder of the city’s previous king. Oedipus is forced to confront the circumstances which led to his rise to power, ultimately leading to dire revelations about his family.

Oedipus Casting:
Requirements: basic singing
Preferred: ability to play an instrument

  • Citizens of Thebes (x6) people of all backgrounds including people of color, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities will be considered for all roles.

“The Holy Trinity” by Prisca Jebet Kendagor
Directed by Elizabeth Bettendorf Bowman
Performances: May 13-23, 2021
Rehearsal Period: April 12-May 12

Three old church camp friends who once shared a common bond in the faith, now share a common bond in their love for each other. Having explored the sexual tension these three have shared over the years, reality must be faced for some, and dealt with for others.

Cast List:

  • *JEREMY- Male mid 30’s to early 40’s; pansexual.
  • TRICIA– Dark skinned woman of color; mid 30’s to early 40’s.
  • JONATHAN– White male mid 30’s to early 40’s.
  • MARY– White female mid early to mid 30’s.

    *The role of JEREMY can be either Latino, or East Asian.


Sept. 14, 2020: “Role Play” by Emma Carter
Oct. 5, 2020: “The Avocado Tree” by Sofiana Olivera Abalan
Nov. 2, 2020: “The Holy Trinity” (workshop 1)
Dec. 7, 2020: “Sliding into Home” by Aaron Scully
Feb. 1, 2021: “Cam Girl” by Em Swenson
Mar. 1, 2021: “The Holy Trinity” (workshop 2)
Apr. 5, 2021: “Memories of the Game” by Kristy Thomas