By Kaitlin Gould

“If you’re not doing anything tonight you have an obligation and responsibility to see this important piece of work. Admission is free and Saturday night there was literally nowhere to sit or stand once the first line was spoken. Get out there and be eyes and ears to the rest of the world via the radical open door policy that KC Public Theatre has been championing since its inception. Be a part of something.” -Derek T.
“SEE. THIS. SHOW. Not only is it free, not only is it written and starring a KC-native… but it is engaging, heart-wrenching, and inspirational theatre. You will feel the struggles of the characters. You will be entertained by the presentation style. You will walk away with a sense of both thrill and enlightenment.” -Brian D.
“It was a joy to be in the room with this vibrant group and this story. Laughter and tears, side by side.” -Erdin S.
“I was able to see this incredible play on Saturday night. It has one more performance this evening. And all Kansas City Public Theatre shows are FREE! Go support local, accessible theatre!” -Andy P.

A Theatre Lab Special Production

Alice’s mind is a powerful thing. Diagnosed with bulimia, she embarks on a journey of healing and reflection. As she falls down the rabbit hole of her illness, the more absurd her reality becomes. Her only comfort comes from an unconventional group therapy who help the road to recovery become less isolating. Mirrors is a reflection on the absurd, humorous, and tragic realities of living with eating disorders.

Feb. 29 and March 2, 2020
1664 Broadway BLVD KCMO

FREE at the Door

Meet the Team:

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