Adapted and Directed by Elizabeth Bettendorf Bowman


“Y’all, what a good night at the theatre! It’s so great to see a company producing accessible theatre in our city, offering a unique experience, and paying their artists at least minimum wage (which is not a given in this town). Thank you Kansas City Public Theatre for producing classic plays, casting incredibly talented actors, pouring love and resources into Troost Ave, and truly embracing an open door policy with radical hospitality. Faith = Restored. Go see Miss Julie tonight at the Blackbox on Troost!” -Gabriel L.
“This was incredible! The acting, the blocking, all of it. Getting a performance this great is a treat…Tomorrow’s the last night. It’s worth going, and although it’s free, you should donate what you can. This group does amazing work and they get the best talent.” -Aya S.
“This was the first play I’ve seen here, but it certainly will not be the last! I highly recommend it, but when it says ‘not for the faint of heart,’ they really mean it. Challenging in the best way. It will be with me for some time.”
– Jerry R.
“Y’all. Miss Julie is outta con****ingtrol. It’s hilarious (and sad) and pretty (and gross). And you know what else it is? FREE! They open tomorrow @ 7:30. Support free theatre and the awesome work of KC Public Theatre!” -Liz K.

A new immersive adaption of the classic by August Strindberg, Miss Julie tells the story of a birthday party thrown by the wild and newly single Julie. In the kitchen, she encounters Jon and Kristine who are left to clean up. Crossing the threshold, Julie initiates a power game with Jon and the evening descends into a fierce fight for survival.



Preview: Thursday, October 24, 7:30
Opening Night: Friday, October 25, 7:30
Saturday, October 26, 7:30
Sunday, October 27, 7:30

Seating in limited for this immersive experience.
General Admission tickets are FREE at the door.

The Cast

The Blackbox on Troost


From Ai Vy Bui:
“Kansas City Public Theatre’s mission is to make quality theatre accessible to ANYONE (aka free), regardless of your income or zip code, while still paying their artists. I was fortunate enough to witness the accomplishment of that mission during my recent show with them.

During a performance evening, while setting up, a woman walked in and explained that she lived just down the street, saw their sign, and wanted to know what event was happening. KC Public Theatre filled her in and invited her to come back that night. SHE DID! AND! she brought her husband with. After the show, I had the privilege to speak with her. I may not remember word for word what she said, but I will always remember the joy she exuded because of this experience.

She thanked me, but really, I should be the one thanking her. She reminded me of the impact we, as artists, can make, and how important and necessary art is.

Art should be accessible to everyone. That night, it was.”