Adapted and Directed by Nathan Bowman, Ph.D.

Presented in partnership with:

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JUNE 17-19, 24-26
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*Arrive early to participate in a pre-show discussion with the director and contribute to the evening’s set design!



Oedipus the King, a Greek Tragedy by Sophocles, tells the story of a pandemic that devastates the city of Thebes. With the city in panic, its leader Oedipus is told that the only way to lift his city from crisis is to investigate the murder of the city’s previous king. Oedipus is forced to confront the circumstances which lead to his rise to power, ultimately leading to dire revelations about his family. While the play is a classic, it reflects on the experiences of a community trying to grapple with the effects of an unchecked pandemic. Oedipus the King examines what it means to hold leaders to account for their actions. This public performance will include pre-show discussions with the director and invited city leaders. The audience will also be invited to take part in a public art installation that acts as the set for the play.



Kansas City Public Theatre is committed to the safety of our staff, actors, crew, volunteers and patrons as they participate in and attend our productions during the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to safely begin theater productions, we intend to adhere to the following the guidelines which contain recommendations applicable to our organization in accordance with guidance from local, state, and federal health authorities.

  1. All employees will be required to wear masks for the entirety of the event.
  2. Audience members will be seated in a series of twenty-five (25) designated 10ft x10ft sections of grass delineated by signage and tape.
  3. Each seating section may hold four audience members, for a maximum of one hundred (100) seats. 
  4. Each seating section will be distanced no less than 6ft apart from other seating sections.
  5. Audience members are required to wear masks when walking outside of their designated seating section.
  6. Entry into the seating area will be staggered to avoid a large concentration of people.
  7. All staff, actors, and crew will receive a temperature check prior to entering seating area. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 F or greater will be denied entry.
  8. Hand sanitizing stations will be made available to audience members
  9. No food or beverage items will be made available to audience members by Kansas City Public Theatre
  10. Visitors are discouraged from congregating in large groups
  11. Audience members who do not RSVP will be required to provide their name and contact information prior to entering the event.

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